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Hey, thanks for visiting our Inspection Services page. We have not only provided you with detailed info on our offered services but you will also be able to check out what to expect and the pricing for those services.

Inspection Services for 2011

General Home Inspections

The term general home inspection is generic in that it encompasses all different types of structures from a trailer home to a penthouse condominium. In 16 years we have performed over 4000 general home inspections. The majority of these have been single family homes, however about a quarter of our business has come from multi-family as well as small commercial buildings. We have been members of the American Society of Home Inspectors for 16 years. Our inspection services and reports closely follow and adhere to the  Society's Standards of Practice and Code Of Ethics. The homes visible structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems are inspected for function and safety.

Our on site computer generated and printed reports utilize the most current combined checklist/narrative software available. We like that type of report because it not only lets us list the components of the home but it allows us to be narrative with;

  •     Positive comments
  •     Educational comments                                      
  •     Typical maintenance
  •     Normal wear and tear

We have had positive reaction from our buyers, realtors, and even sellers who like our report for the positive and educational comments for they help operate and maintain the home. We take the liberty of editing the report after the inspection and if there are any changes we will email them to you, usually the same day. To see sample pages of report click the icon above.

You or a representative should plan to attend all of your home inspection if possible. If that is not possible at least show up for the last hour. We will review what you have missed and go over all the operating control valves and switches with you. Condo inspections last 1-2 hours. A 4-plex multi-family can take 6 hours. Single family, somewhere in between, usually 2 - 4 hours. Just click on the link to check out what you should expect during inspection and what our prices are.                

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Radon Inspections

Recent local television and newsprint stories about radon gas becoming known as second leading lung cancer disease next to smoking, has heightened awareness of this potentially deadly gas. Radon gas is everywhere. In the air, water, soil, rocks and building materials. It tends to build up in higher levels in basements and crawlspaces. That is why it is important to consider having a radon test done on your home whether you are in a real estate transaction or not.

We have been EPA and NEHA approved radon service professionals for 15 years and passed the National Radon Proficiency Program. We offer a variety of tests with different devices. Long term testing is the most accurate way of averaging your exposure level.(6 month to 1 year)  However during a real estate transaction, the EPA has developed 48 hour testing protocols to satisfy industry demands for shorter testing periods. If scheduled properly, the radon results can be known the same day as the inspection.

Long term testing is typically handled outside of the real estate market. 6 month and 1 year test are available and will provide you with a more accurate working average than a 48 hour test. You also have more control making sure somebody does not alter the test by tampering with the testing devices. Click the link to take you to the pricing page.

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New Construction Plan Review and Inspections

This new service is the fastest growing part of our business. With interests rates as low as they have been, the building industry has flourished. With all the recent news about homes suffering from environmental (mold)  to structural problems (moisture intrusion) my phone has been ringing. People building new homes want more protection than what the minimum code inspections offered by local and state authorities give. The builder, client and the inspector meet at least once going over the plans before construction starts. The parameters or ground rules are laid out. They should include the following:

  1. How many follow up inspections are done during the building phase. (Min. of 3 is suggested)

  2. At what phases of construction are they done?

  3. Who is responsible to contact all parties, and what kind of advanced warning there will be.

  4. What happens if problems like below standard work or materials are documented in one of our reports. What is the process to meet and decide how to rectify any problems found.

The cost for this new service tends to vary with the size of, what it is built of, what is included, and how many inspections we make. Click the link to check out the pricing page.       

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Small Commercial Building Inspections

Small commercial building inspections and general home inspections parallel each other pretty close. Many of the major components are found in each. There are of course some obvious differences. Generally it is the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems that vary the most depending on the buildings present use. These systems tend to be bigger and more technical.

Our report again follows ASHI Standards of Practice, listing the components of the structure and inspecting them for function and safety. It will list where there are deficiencies as well as positive comments where applicable. We will inspect buildings up 20,000 sq. ft. and parking. Click the link to our pricing page.

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