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Welcome to our photo display and narrative of what to expect during a home inspection. This display shows the major components of an average home that we inspect, and briefly describes what we do.


All roof vents are inspected.

Skylights and their flashings are inspected.

Damaged, missing roofing materials are reported, and should be repaired.

All window wells and the grading drainage away from the home is inspected.

The air conditioner, sump discharge, siding and their components are inspected.

Door, window, electrical outlet and lights are inspected.

Siding, trim, fascia and soffit are inspected for evidence of deterioration and past seepage.

Insulation, ventilation, and structure are reported on during the attic inspection.

The interior foundation and crawlspaces are inspected for moisture seepage and the drain tile systems are tested if possible.

Substructure components are viewed where ever uncovered. We even remove ceiling tiles to spot check electrical and mechanical installations.

The whole plumbing system, starting at the main water valve, to the attic sewer vent pipe exit is inspected. Water heaters age and condition are reported.

We inspect the furnace, filter, distribution system, and if present, humidifiers/air exchangers.

The main electrical panel as well as all exposed electrical wiring, outlets, lights and switches are inspected for function and safety.

All fireplaces, gas or electric space heaters are inspected for function and safety.

All laundry, kitchen, and bath plumbing fixtures are tested. All bath, kitchen, and laundry appliances are inspected for function.

All interior rooms doors, windows, walls, ceilings are inspected for general condition. Electrical, outlets, switches and fixtures are checked for safety and function.

All inspection reports are edited within 24 hr. of inspection. Any changes are emailed to you, and any questions can be dealt with a follow-up call.







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